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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  March 19, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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help. >> sometimes at wright's beach, they come in very quickly and unpredictable. >> reporter: by the time dispatch called, this officer and lifeguard gathered gear and drove to wright's beach. where a lifeguard isn't regularly posted. 7 minutes he was in the water. took an hour to pull everyone out. >> the adult was floating on his back, he looked exhausted. breathing heavy and the boy was holding on to him tightly around the neck. >> reporter: the man you just heard from has a state medal of valor for a rescue in 1995. it is unusual to pull three people off of this peach and from the -- beach and from the waters. no update on thir conditions
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yet. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more video to show you of a parolee being arrested this afternoon. news chopper 2 was over head as the man surrendered. this was after 3:00. he was wanted wanted for a parole violation. police were involved in taking the man into custody. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi finished meeting with mayor ed lee after he was sentenced. ktvu's david stevenson tells us what the sentence calls for and how ross mirkarimi broke down. >> reporter: the drama over the case stretched from the morning into had evening. look at this, a camera captured the scene inside city hall as san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi made his way from the his office tothe mayor's office to meet with the mayor about
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his future. >> reporter: san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi spoke this morning after he was sentenced in his domestic violence case. >> standing before you today i am ashamedshamed and sorry. >> reporter: he pleaded guilty to false imperezenment. she years probation, 52 weeksf domestic violence classes and 100 hours of community service. they insisted he did not abuse her. a stay away order prevents him from carrying a gun remains in place for now. . >> i started consling to address my arrogance and anger issues. i look forward to the additional counseling that i will be receiving. >> it has been alleged this was
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a political act. that i was doing this against ross. >> reporter: he said the decision to drop three other domestic violence related charges had to do with creating a fair outcome. >> i believe our system should embrace justice and allow offenders the opportunity to make amends. >> i am sorry. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi's meeting wrapped up with the mayor an hour ago. coming up at 6:00, what domestic violence groups have to say today. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. more details on what the city must do if the mayor removes him from his post. the charges would go first to the ethics commission. they would hold a hearing. the board would vote and 9-11
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would have to vote in favor for the removal to be approveed. tonight police are searching through a teen's cell phone in hopes of finding clues where she is. ktvu's maureen naylor is live. >> reporter: we are standing in front of her former high school, washington high school, they posted her name here and friends posted this sign. >> reporter: 4 days passed and still no sign of this teen. >> now that all these days have gone by, we are getting worried. >> reporter: family released these images of sierra lamar. the high school sophomore hasn't been seen since friday morning. >> she was cheerful, she wish
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mead a good day at work and i hold her i loved her. >> reporter: over the weekend the sheriff's department found her cell phone in this field. >> we are doing forensics on the cell phone, trying to get any information we can get and we have her laptop. >> reporter: there is no sign of a crime or that she ran away. today they interviewed 30 students at sobrato high school. and they interviewed students at washington high school. >> i know she will come home. i know it. i just -- i don't want to think of anything else. >> reporter: friends describe her as a happy teen, who has most of her close friends. today they distributed hundreds of flyers. >> i appreciate all the efforts. god bless everybody trying to help. i appreciate everything. god bless you all. >> reporter: authorities say they have little to go on,
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which is why they are asking the public for help. they are on campus recording videos, they hope to play for her when she comes home. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. we continue our coverage of the missing teen of our website,, click on the slide show tab. southern france is on alert after a gunman shot and killed three children and an adult today outside a jews school. it is the third shooting in the area in 10 days. authorities say one of the guns used was also used in the other two shootings. those those attacks three paratroopers were killed. police obtained the license number of the scooter and are trying to trace the plate. as a result of the shootings, san francisco police stepped up patrols around schools and synagogs. no word on how long the
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security will last. they are asking the public to call them if they see anything suspicious. the soldier accused of killing afghan civilians met with his defense attorney. richard thompson is live with that meeting. >> reporter: you know, defense attorney john henry brown said it was a emotional meeting with the sodier here at military detention center at fort leavenworth. after the meeting, he said the soldier has absolutely no memory of the massacre. also today we did get a look inside military detention center at fort leavenworth. . >> reporter: army staff sergeant robert bales is accused of killing 16 afghan civilians. he is living in a cell just
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like this one at military detention center at fort leavenworth. they are up at 5 for example a meal. officials say he is being treated like other inmates, waiting for trial, and given time to exercise. >> he had some recreation time. he begun a schedule that every other pretrial service member goes through. >> reporter: the biggest thing for robert bales is meeting with his defense team, which includes a military lawyer and a private attorney, who flown out from seattle. officials showed us this video of the visitation areas but robert bales will be given more privacy. >> they have more privacy. similar to a medical appointment. >> reporter: the defense attorney says he will likely be here for the next few days
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meeting with his client. he is also trying to set up a telephone interview between the sergeant and his wife. so far no formal charges in this case but they could potentially come before the end of the week. back to you. group of veterans gathered in san francisco to make a powerful and visual statement about the human cost of war. they laid out the eye's wide open exhibit. it displays combat boots western by the californians who died in iraq. one pays for the war every day with symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder. >> i am shaking and jittery. hard to have this conversation because it takes me back to the moment, the place, the constant memories. >> this is the last times it
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will be displayed. the republican candidates geared up for tomorrow's vote in illinois. rick santorum held a rally in rock ford. he entered the race to undue president obama's healthcare reform. he said mitt romney supported a similar plan as governor of massachusetts. >> he is uniquely disqualified to make the case against obama care because he developed developed developed the blew print. here is a look that deldant count. mitt romney has 521 delegates. rick santorum has 253. newt gingrich 136. and ron paul has 50.
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1,144 are needed to secure the nomination. coming up, how mitt romney took aim at president obama. apple announced he will share its worth with divends and a stock buy back. apple plans to pay a dividend of $2.85 a share beginning july 1. apple will spend tell billion dollars buying back shares. that will be done to off set the shares is issued to reward its employees. apple is the world's most valuable company. coming up, why apple may be doing this now and why one analyst says this move concerns him. with apple in the spotlight stocks started the week higher.
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at the closing bell the dow is up 6.5 points to 13,239. the nasdaq is up 23 to 3,078. the public utilities commission is considering who should pay for upgrading pg&e's gas transmission lines they began discussions today it charge customers. pg&e says it wants to charge customers $5 billion over 50 years years for the upgrades. jerry hill joined the group to protest the proposal. >> pg&e wants its customers to pay higher gas bills for service we thought we were paying for all long. >> pg&e says the rate increase will be used to fund work to meet new safety standards. a different kind of rafting rescue. how a lack of water created a
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nightmare for some rafters. >> and live storm tracking two, light showers out there, when the showers could begin. m moref an absentee plant parent. [ cellphone rings ] tuscaloosa? schenectady? des moines? okay. okay. okay.
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a truck crashed into a fire hydrant this morning. happened at 9:00 a.m. in front of a check cashing business. the water flooded the streets before fire crews turned it off. water main break in menlow park today. >> the pipe ruptured before 3:00 a.m. took them three hours to turn off the flow. >> with so much water we couldn't get the volves out. we had go to -- we had to go to
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the next line of defense, the water is still too deep so i had to go to the third section, which is 300 yards out. >> water was rushing out at 2500 gallons a minute. most of it ended up at the pond. by 8 a.m. they restored service to everyone. stranded. a group of 5 rafters rescued after spending a cold, wet, sleepless night in the valley. mike is here to tell us how it was a lack of water that led to the problems. >> reporter: really an unusual twist here. when the group of 5 rafters put into the area yesterday they expected it would be running higher than what they expected because of the rains but what they got was a twist that left
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them stranded. >> reporter: this is video of the rescue. >> horrendous. awful. >> reporter: it started on sunday when they began a rafting trip. >> looking for bald eagles. 19-mile run. >> reporter: they expected high water from recent rains rains to make for ideal conditions but what they got was a surprise. instead of high water, a lack of dam releases left the creek so low with water their raft ran aground. by sunday they realized they had no choice but to spend the night. >> not a fun night out. we were cold. wet clothes. >> on a scale of 1-10, a 10. >> reporter: not fun. >> so, it sucked. >> reporter: it wasn't till the
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next day this helicopter spotted them struggling in the river. as for the eagles, they spotted just one. >> reporter: was it worth it? >> no. >> no. >> reporter: the group say they were dressed warmly for the conditions. they also had the ability to make fire. they said they knew they would be okay but this ordeal was in their words, miserable. see resource are rejoicing after producing the best ski conditions so far. 6-8 feet of snow over the last week. alpine got 7 feet of new snow and heavenly 4 feet of fresh snow. >> lot of snow up there, rain here. bill, you were saying right
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showners. >> yeah. more shower is activity in the forecast but really light. nothing like last week. a lot of rain and a lot of snow. what is coming now are light scattered showers in the forecast. shouldn't be enough to shut you done till the weekend. here is what we have right now, no reports of rain on the ground or light showers. a lot of this is evapiating before it hits the ground. -- evaporating before it hits the ground. light sprinkles into tomorrow. we will get to the computer model. here is the system i am tracking. high pressure ridge. going like this. it is dragging moisture over the top and you see here as it hits the hills, lifting, light showers. some of the showers are drifting south into our area.
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dirty ridge, fair weather ridge, gives you a chance of a light sprinkle. as we go into the weekend a more significant weather system. that system has dynamics. that will bring snow and rain. we will watch that for you. overnight lows tonight, upper 30s. cloud cover outside, maybe a sprinkle. concord 42. 4 hayward. it would be -- 44 hayward. it would be colder if it weren't for the clouds. that will keep things warm. it was chilly this morning. lots of frost. warmer tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning 5:00 a.m., sprinkles around black point and napa. along the coast here and you see 9:00 a.m., it is the dynamics are very, very weak. more sprinkles tuesday afternoon but not enough to
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shut you down. when i come back, we will look that long range. lots of cold air and rain. we will talk about that. the international space station is scheduled to receive its first load of supplies delivered by a commercial rocket. they plan to launch its dragon capsule from florida on april 30. since the united states retired its shuttle program, they have been used to fill the void. eventually they are hoping to carry american astronauts. why california is getting poor marks when it comes to high school students but we are getting a top score when it comes to ethics, plus right now, certain students are guaranteed admission to san
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jose state university, why that may not be the case for much longer. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it?
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the u.s. supreme court turned down an appeal that challenged a discrimination policy at california state universities. under the policy they don't allow funding and other benefits to about to groups that exclude members of other
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religion. they soring the policy was discriminatory. report gives california a above average grade when it comes to government ethics. >> this was a beauty contestant. >> they graded all 50 states on their efforts to fight government construction. no state received an a, 8 states got an f. just 5 states, including california scored a b. california has a strong culture of open meetings but the report found decisions are still taking place behind closed doors. >> it is about political will. >> the study looked at state laws and practices. they base their grades on 330 factors. the report was the work of
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three nonprofit groups. officials at san jose state university are talking about ending a policy that guaranteed admission to any qualified student from santa clara county. instead they would give them a preference, not a guarantee. the university says it needs to make the move because of over crowding and budget cuts. new research shows california is falling behind when it comes to keeping children in school. california graduation rates fell to 71% in 2009. the national average rose to 75%. california is one of 10 states with a decline. 12 others show an increase. wisconsin is the only state to meet the 90% goal. it has been 38 years now
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but friends never forgot their classmate and now police say they have finally arrested her killer. >> investors are counting the cash, why an apple has never tasted so sweet.
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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. this little girl in this photo never had a chance togrow up. she was murdered decades ago but only now ask family hopeful they will see justice. the killer was in court today, years after the crime. rita williams is live where she saw an incredible show of support.
5:30 pm
>> reporter: just three hours ago a court hearing ended here for a man arrested in a cold case dna match for killing a girl in oakland 38 years ago. >> i just want to see justice served. >> reporter: amazingly after all these years, classmates came todurate see the man accused of killing their friend in 1974. that is julie there. barely a teenager. 13 years old. a straight a student. >> we always loved her dearly. >> i don't think i ever got mad at all. >> reporter: another classmate, that's her there, talked to us from oregon. >> why any child, especially why julie, who was among the best and brightest. >> reporter: their childhood was lost when she was found
5:31 pm
dead here in her family's apartment in east oakland. police say curtis tucker burglarized the home, found julie, sexually assaulted her and killed her. a cold case dna match led them to arrest tucker. now 63 and an army veteran. here at a clinic in oakland last week. he is a convicted rape and say burglar. as they left court, one of her friends cried, the emotional wounds now reopened. >> the world lost someone who could make a difference. >> reporter: curtis tucker will be back here next week to enter a plea and to get a public defender. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. the court of appeals heard
5:32 pm
arguments tonight challenging gun shows on private property. this prompted the ban a year later. a northern california couple who organized gun shows says the ban violates their second amendment right. a judge upheld the law but another panel is reconsidering it in light of supreme court rulings. apple announced that a cash plan will have the company paying out dividends and buying back shares. norelw is live with with -- noelle walker is is live with more. >> reporter: the move is setting off alarm bells. if you are an employ a eyou are holding on to a lottery ticket. the only decision is to hold on to it or turn it in.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: just glance around and you know the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. >> i own their product. every day reminds me, it is a good company. >> reporter: he is a mac. now he is getting a bite of apple. today the company announced it will by investors dividends. >> i am excited. i own apple for a couple years. >> reporter: the first time since 1995 apple will be dividends. >> what is tin for the investors? -- tin for the investors? >> reporter: there was pressure for apple to share. the company is sith on $100 billion in cash. look at the s&p, up 12% a year. if you take out apple's
5:34 pm
contribution, it is up 5%. >> so it is very difficult. at the same time, you know, trees don't grow to the sky. >> reporter: isn't likely the stock will increase like this forever, that might be the reason apple is offering stock buy backs. >> company thinking, they don't know what to do with their money. >> reporter: he is confident in the company's future and so is one of its biggest fans. >> reporter: apple plans to spend $45 billion in employee buy back and dividend payments. noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. >> apple said it sold 3 million new ipads since friday. this is the third version of the ipad. starting at $499 and going up
5:35 pm
from there. he says there is a reason for that. >> $499 is a break point. if you price over that your market goes down by 90%. it is critical to get below 500 dollars. >> apple is selling the ipad in the united states and 9 other countries. it plans to add 24 countries by the end of the week. the candidates for president are campaigning in louisiana and illinois. mitt romney stopped in springfield, illinois today. he said the company is coming back but president obama's policies made for a slow recovery. >> almost everything he has done made it harder for the economy to recover. the list goes on and on. >> later he spoke at the university of chicago where president obama was once a lecturer. he accused of president of
5:36 pm
stifling economic freedom. illinois holds its primary tomorrow. >> president obama collected tens of millions of dollars for his reelection. the campaign brought in $45 million in february. that felt short of $56 million of 2008 when he was running against hillary clinton. they told supporters the race for the white house will be tight and the republican frontrunner mitt romney has a well financed campaign. scrutiny for the company that has been hired to build bart's fleet cars. >> and the moves the faa is making so you don't have to turn your phone off during takeoff. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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federal regulators may ease up on electronic devices on airplanes. they want to find out if they are safe to use. right now each device would have to be flown and tested on each type of airplanes. a judge in san jose granted unionized city employees a hearing into a pension reform
5:40 pm
measure. a hearing will be held on april 3. the suit argues the city's measure uses emotionally charged and unfair language. attorneys argue it will mislead voters. >> this one clearly does prejudice the voters in favor of the measure, using hot button words like essential services. >> the mayor issued a statement saying the charges are the latest in a series of meritless complaints. a company that is in line to build bart's new train cars is under new crouteany.
5:41 pm
bart is nearing a final $3.5 billion deal. the train cars the company built for chicago are being held up because of defective parts. bart says any deal will be vetted before it signs it. court issued a blown today. a cincinnati court ruled graphic labels on cigarette packages don't violate spree speech rights of companies. the fda issued 9 images that include rotting keith and dead bodies. one lawyer says the case will end up at the supreme court. somebodies mcdonalds is number one but now there sanew number 2. wendy's edged out
5:42 pm
burger king. mcdonalds sold $34 billion worth of burgers, fries and the like. scientists think they figured out the link to obesity. a study out this week suggests a mutation blocks the body's signal to stop eating. they followed mice and found that those with the changed gene would eat 80% more than normal. we will take you inside the new high rise casino in the south bay next. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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a new a casino is about to open up in the south bay. ktvu's janine de la vega is live. >> reporter: i am standing sign the casino and this is what it looks like. s the feel of a las vegas hotel but the owner is trying to appeal to more than just gamblers. >> reporter: a lot of detail and inspiration came from las vegas. >> i can make it do different things. >> reporter: as well as murals. >> this came from italy. >> reporter: you can play cards from a view of the city. the owner says there is no
5:46 pm
place that exists like this in san jose. >> the city of san jose could use a cool place to hang out beyond what is there now. >> reporter: he built the casino to replace his card club. >> enabled me to create something high tech and have a elegant feel. >> reporter: he hopes to attract nongamblers here with its three new restaurants. there are dozens of tvs and a speaker at each table. this allows each patter to listen to the channel they want. people are curious to look inside. >> pop in the sports bar. >> reporter: the casino is large. 300 new employees were handled. >> i have seen the outside, it looks cool. like i will be fun.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: he estimates his casino will bring $10 million in revenue to san jose. the property opens on april 3 but more is planned and a hotel is scheduled to be built in the next two years. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. leaders in walnut creak will discuss a expansion plan for the shopping mall. they are negotiating with two companies to increase broadway plaza. the proposal includes 300,000 square feet of new retail pace, new underground parking and 200 residential units. college students are cleaning up their behavior because of places like facebook. many students don't want unseenly photographs poping up.
5:48 pm
>> things that get posted on the internet can be seen by employers, graduate school admissions officers and can do long term damage. >> some websites are posting spring break dos and don'ts. crewing are reinforcing a sand berm. heavy rain caused the river to change its course and flow towards the boardwalk. the river ripped apart a wooden staircase but there is no other reports off damage. a dozen rides wur closed because of the sitidation were closed because of the situation but reopened yesterday. a wildlife rescue group is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the rest and conviction of a person who shot and injured a hawk in the
5:49 pm
south bay. they discovered the hawk last week near foot hill road. the bird was then transfort. it was shot in the chest with a pellet gun. let's talk about our weather. a lot of rain last week. cold this morning and maybe some more showers? >> light sprinkles. but it is real light stuff. last week was the first week of winter around here. this season we got -- week we got inclimate weather heading our way. as you see, drizzle, sprinkles. no reports in the weather center of the sprinkles reaching the ground. there is a good chance tonight, tomorrow morning of that occurring. this is a bridge ridge of high
5:50 pm
pressure. -- big ridge of high pressure. it is hitting the coastal hills hills and that continues throughout tomorrow. this high pressure center sets up and the showers try to come over the top of it. slight chance of sprinkles tomorrow. cloud cover. wednesday, maybe more. none of this seems to be enough to shut your plans down. you will get done what you need to get done. if you have work outside, you should be fine. the forecast does it like this. long range model. here is thursday morning. that looks like sprinkles thursday morning. thursday afternoon, cloudy. saturday morning, this is the most significant, cool system, saturday afternoon, mountains, sunday morning and sunday afternoon. you see, this is low grade
5:51 pm
stuff compared to last week. unsettled weather this week with clouds and cooler weather and then we will warm up. highs tomorrow low 60s. 63 morgan hill. 63 gilroy. five-day forecast, with your bay area weekend in view, lot of clouds, the clouds keep streaming in. closer to the weekend you will see more dynamic system and that would bring us snow and rain maybe saturday morning sunday sunday. >> we are coming up on spring. >> yeah. >> thank you. thanksthanks to warm weather winter the cherry blossoms in washington, d.c. bloomed early. the festival is now underway a week early. the warmer weather is expected to draw more clouds. officials are preparing for a million people to come. this is the 100th year the festival has been held. peyton manning told his age tonight negotiate a deal with
5:52 pm
the broncos. that leaves the question, what about smith? he is a free age and talking talking to the dolphins and he is considering an offer from the 49ers for $24 million over three years. smith quarterbacked the 49ers within a over time loss of getting to the super bowl last year. first for 1/2 of the royal newly wed couple. >> i am sorry william can't be here. >> what she said and why her husband wasn't there as kate middleton spoke for the first time in public. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope.
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kate middleton, the catherine, duchess of cambridge, she gave her first public speech. >> you have made me feel so welcomed and i feel honored to be here to see this wonderful center. i am really sorry william can't be here today. [ laughter ] >> the former head of the international monetary fund dominique strauss-kahn appear -- the catherine, duchess of cambridge appeared at a tree house and spent time with the patients. many say it was heart felt. >> the feelings you inspire, feelings of love and of home offer a chance to families to
5:56 pm
live a life they never thought could be possible. [ music playing ] >> she took part in the musical performance. pib pib prince william is in the faulklen islands. >> we talk to a lifeguard who saved boy, a father and a good samaritan and thieves targeting a charity and the impact of the loss goes beyond what has been stolen.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. one by one therapy pulled out of the water. i am frank somerville. >> i am julie haener. it was a rush to rescue them from the chilly waters off the coast line when a rip current proved too strong. ktvu's jade hernandez is live at wright's beach where she spoke with the lifeguard who had the right experience to come to their rescue. >> reporter: that's right. we found a sign tonight that
5:59 pm
warns visitors exactly what the lifeguard warns about rip currents. today a father, his son and his friend got caught in those waters trying to boogie board. p one by one the chopper fulled a father, his son and good samaritan from the beach. the coast guard responding. during that time, this officer and lifeguard staid with the three after keeping them afloat. >> the adult was floating on his back, he looked exhausted. he was breathing heavy and the boy was holding on to him tightly. >> reporter: he responded within 7 minutes, tackle the rescue alone in the water. visitors can underestimate the ocean waves. >> strong rip tides,


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